Court Marriage In Noida

Court Marriage In Noida

Court marriage is a legal contract between two parties who are going to marry without any religious ceremony. This marriage is proceeding under the special marriage act, of 1954. Court marriage is done under three witnesses and marriage officer. The marriage registrar is a marriage officer who is appointed under the act. It is also known as civil marriage and is a legal union between two persons. The age of the bride should not be less than 21 years and the bride's age should not be less than 18 years.

Tatkal court marriage is done on urgent bases and the marriage certificate is issued on the same day as the marriage happened. That’s why it is called Tatkal court marriage. Before your marriage starts you need to fulfill an application form along with the necessary documents. Court marriage in Noida is going to be done under various rules under the act. If you want to get a court marriage under the act you need

The procedure of court marriage

  • The first step is to consult with a lawyer
  • A matrimony lawyer is needed to be handling your case. A lawyer knows how to fill out the form and also take the date from the court. Court marriage registration in Noida is done by a lawyer in the presence of you and your partner. After the registration form both signed is compulsory. It’s signed by both parties with documents.
  • Selection of marriage place.
  • A marriage place is where you want to get marriage.
  • Documentation checked
  • Your intention to get married is verified by a lawyer then all documents checked and your witnesses. Court marriage in 1-day proceeds if your document and marriage are well documented.
  • Notice published
  • The marriage officer will publish the notice Marriage happens one day after the publication of the notice.
  • Objection can be verified
  • If any objection occurs in marriage, then the marriage officer checks and gives his decision and marriage can proceed further.
  • Marriage date fix
  • Mutually convenient time and date fixed under the act. If the objection is cleared then this step proceeds. Bridegroom with three witnesses reaches court at a fixed date and time
  • Marriage certificate issued
  • If you sign all declarations then the marriage certificate is issued in Noida.

Same-day court marriage in Noida happened on a fixed date and time of marriage. Your marriage is done in Arya Samaj Mandir and proof of marriage then you submit all documents needed then submit those documents in the presence of three witnesses your marriage is organized.

Frequently Asked Questions

You and your partner first consult with a lawyer then the lawyer fill out your form may be online or offline then submit that form with all documents verified. Then date or time of marriage fixed then court marriage done in the presence of three witnesses.

Yes, court marriage is a valid marriage. All activity is done under the law.

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