Arya Samaj Marriage in Delhi

Arya Samaj Marriage Delhi

Many such organizations are included under Arya Samaj mandir Delhi which conducts marriages according to the customs of Arya Samaj. To complete the Arya Samaj marriage only two witnesses are required along with the bride and groom who can be parents, siblings, or friends. The way of marriage in Arya Samaj is very simple but this marriage is done with complete rituals. In Arya Samaj mandir in Delhi, marriages of Arya Samaj are conducted according to the Vedic culture.

Many facilities are made available to the people getting married under Arya Samaj marriage in Delhi. To get married here, the age of the boy should be at least 21 years and the age of the girl should be 18 years. To confirm this, some important documents are required at the time of registration. For these documents, it is necessary to give a birth certificate, two passport-size photographs, and an Aadhaar card. Arya Samaj mandir marriage certificate is also made available in this. The certificate is issued to the married couple by Arya Samaj mandir Delhi, which is also legally valid. In marriages held here, those couples take seven rounds around the fire. Only after this, the marriage is considered complete.

If you want to make your marriage legally valid by getting Arya Samaj mandir marriage certificate, then getting married with the help of Arya Samaj Marriage Delhi is the best option. Here you also get the facility of same day Court Marriage in Delhi.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to get married with full rituals in Arya Samaj Delhi, then for this you will have to submit all the documents by filling out the registration form. After that, you can get married.

The Arya Samaj conducts marriage rituals with Vedic rituals in which the bride and groom chant sacred Vedic verses and garland each other. After this, seven rounds are taken around the fire. Only then the marriage is complete.

You can get a court marriage done under Arya Samaj in Delhi by visiting the office of the additional divisional magistrate. Apart from this, by filling out the registration form in Arya Samaj temple, you can also do court marriage by marrying with customs. This will also give legal recognition to your marriage.

Yes, only two witnesses are required in Arya Samaj's marriages. These witnesses can be your siblings or even friends. You can get married even without the permission of your parents.

Arya Samaj Court Marriage conducts Arya Samaj marriages according to the rules and customs of Vedic culture in a very short time and very low budget.

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