Arya Samaj Mandir In Greater Noida

Arya Samaj Mandir In Greater Noida

When Hindu women and Hindu men got married in Arya samaj then it’s called samaj. This term is given by Swami Dayanand Saraswati. As we know arya samaj is the oldest society. In Arya, samaj mandir marriage is done with Vedic mantras and also with rituals like havan, saptapadi, worship, blessings, etc. This marriage is done with all rituals. Arya Samaj's marriage is done under the Hindu marriage act 1955. We are going to introduce all things related to arya samaj marriage legal husband and legal wife is valid by the court and high court. You can contact us any time we are here to serve you.

Arya Samaj marriage Greater Noida you can book arya samaj mandir for marriage all rituals follow according to arya samaj in Noida. Your all-problem solution is one call away on how to apply for a wedding, booking, the paperwork we need, legal validity of marriage and marriage certificate, and all ritual performed by a well-experienced pandit. Arya Samaj marriage in Greater Noida if you want to book your wedding with all your family. Our main motive is to link you with Arya Samaj. Arya samaj mandir is close to Noida city. It’s easy to apply and then book your wedding to make that wedding day more special with arya samaj mandir in Greater Noida.

Process of Marriage

First, you need to fix a date according to your preference. We also recommend you date of your marriage. You can choose a date between the open date and arya samaj date. Book your date and reserve your place at arya samaj mandir. Arya Samaj marriage is fix date of marriage you just book the mandir for further procedure. Our institute provide you with confirmation of your booking.

Arya samaj mandir marriage is simpler and more economical marriage because in India people spend a lot of money on their marriage. If the family is not supporting then you can also choose this marriage procedure. The same day your marriage certificate also issued.


  • Application form
  • Age-proof certificate for both bride and groom
  • Address proof (ration card, aadhar card)
  • Passport-size photo of both boy and girl
  • If any one partner is a divorcee, then needs to submit that certificate.
  • Death certificate of partner if one is a widow.

All four religions are accepted under arya samaj mandir marriage. If you are not part of this religion then marriage is performed under ‘shuddhi’ after that purification processes your marriage can be done in arya samaj mandir.

Frequently Asked Questions

Application form submitted with verified documents. The date of marriage is fixed then all rituals proceed according to the religion of both parties. A marriage certificate also issued after acceptance of your given documents

  • Application form
  • Age proof of both groom and bride.
  • Four passport-size photographs both parties.
  • Address proof of both parties.
  • Divorce certificate is submitted if one partner divorcee.

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