Muslim Marriage

Arya Samaj marriage in Bulandshahr

In Arya samaj, anyone can marriage, here is no matter whether he/she belongs to any Religion, This is can be done with Muslim girls or boys. In this marriage, the rituals are done via Kanji. In this marriage process, first of all, the girl has to say KUBUL hai, three-time, and after that, the boy says the same as it. In Muslim marriage, some amount of money is fixed that is called Mehar and it gives by the boy to the girl.

In the Nikah (Muslim Marriage) 2 witnesses are compulsory. After the marriage, on behalf of the government guideline 2017, the couple has to get marriage registration, it is compulsory.

For the Muslim marriage registration, some documents are required, that is AAdhar Card of girls and boys, a Birth certificate, or any identification card such as voter ID, a Pan card, or a mark sheet, 4 passport size photos, Nikah Nama, Photo of marriage ( Nikah )., At the end for the marriage registration, we need an identification card of the witnesses, such as AAdhar car, or pan card.

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